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Search the MLS

  • Times have changed – these days most Buyers start their search online. We understand that you may be just starting your search, and respect your privacy and your timeline. For this reason, we provide you the full MLS search that real estate agents use, without requiring a registration to have access. Of course we believe that the Phoenix Heritage Real Estate Group is your best partner in your house search, but we will wait to hear from you until you are ready.

    Please keep in mind that Buyer Representation is free to the Buyer (because the commission is paid by the Seller, and split with the Buyer’s Agent), so there is NO cost to you to work with us. We are happy to provide you more information on the homes you find in the MLS and are happy to setup a showing when you are ready.

    Some tips for searching the MLS:

    • Drive the areas of interest on your own. Make sure you like the communities you are considering, as photos won’t tell the full story.
    • More options is better. Setup wider searches, and then adjust them as you start seeing the listings, and deciding what is important to you.
    • Shop in your price range. Statistically, homes are selling at approximately 95% of Listing Price (and even over in more competitive areas), so searching for homes way out of your price range is only going to set the wrong expectations for you. Instead search for homes in your price range, and leave the physical parameters more open to see more listings.
    • When in doubt – contact a Pro. We know it’s just a search, but we use it every day, and we can help you get setup on just the right search, so you can see only the homes that meet your criteria.

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